When things don’t go as planned

What had I planned? I planned to have my newly remodeled shop ready for a weaving class on Tuesday. Didn’t make that, but of course I’d have it ready for Farm Day on Saturday (see my website for info on the Farm Club if you want to find out about Farm Day). Here’s what the shop looks like today.

remodel 1-w

Not too bad. It’s ready for paint and then the floor.

But what’s this?

remodel 2-w

I was removing the discolored trim around the A/C unit and the hammer went right through the sheetrock. It turns out that the A/C has been leaking and the wall is damp inside. One thing led to another and now there is a big hole in the wall and we spent hours trying to figure out why he unit was leaking. That side-tracked my husband from the job he was working on–moving another electrical outlet so I don’t have extension cords draped everywhere.

My sons goats are still here–well, 2 of them. And I’m still milking them. I have been giving milk away but the refrigerator was full tonight and I decided to try making cheese. I’ve been planning to do this, but I never have time. This is 1 1/2 gallons of milk heating on the stove.

cheese 1-w

The next step for this simple cheese is to add vinegar and drain the curds into cheesecloth. OOPS. Wouldn’t you know? I finally decide to make cheese and I can’t find the cheesecloth. Can you tell what I used instead?

cheese 2-w

cheese 3-w

That’s my cheese hanging in pantyhose! I’d say that’s a better idea for the pantyhose than it’s intended use.


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