Who’s in the barn?

The lambs in the last post are 10 days old now and yesterday I let them into the pasture with all the other sheep. Last night I found the little ram lamb limping and I diagnosed a broken leg, but wasn’t sure where.  I took him to see my vet today and she came up with this splint to immobilize the leg. The break is at the top of the tibia and this splint holds the joints on either side immobile.  We’ll leave it on about 3 weeks and see how he is.


While I had my camera in the barn I took other photos.


Amaryllis, the donkey.


Jasmine, one of my son’s does. He has gone to his summer job and I’m milking the goats that are left.


Ewes and ewe lambs on the pasture.


These ram lambs were so happy to get out onto the pasture after being in a dry lot getting hay for weeks. I have to keep them separate from the ewes now so my options are more limited. This pasture now has plenty of feed.


This is trefoil, one of my favorite flowers, and good sheep feed. There is a lot of it in that ram pasture.


My husband came back from the hardware store and told me he bought something for me. The other day when I was irrigating I broke the only shovel that I could find –one with the handle taped. So this is MY shovel.


2 thoughts on “Who’s in the barn?

  1. Oh the lamb with his splint is so cute! It reminded me of a male cat I had-who was black&white. When he was 6 months old he broke his leg falling out of a tree while trying to get a bird. He had a cast from his toes to his hip.

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