Decisions, decisions

I decided to donate a lamb to the raffle held by JSBA (Jacob Sheep Breeders Assoc) to support AGM (Annual General Meeting)– –but I needed to figure out which lamb.  So it was also time to  figure out which lambs I want to keep (and choose the raffle lamb from this batch).  This is not an easy thing for me, especially since I just counted sheep after an auction trip and I still have 114 and I really should have only about 50 by the time breeding season comes around! The first step was to sort out the ewe lambs and then sort them into 2 and 4 horn groups. I didn’t get them all in here, but I sorted out most of the older ones.

This is most of the 2-horn lambs.


And this is most of the 4-horn ewe lambs.


I don’t think that there were any lambs that I wouldn’t be happy with in the flock, so it was a tough decision. Here are the 2-horn lambs I chose.


Here are the 4-horn girls.


The girl on the left is the lamb for the raffle–guess I should come up with a name.  Here she is:


She has a very pretty fleece and her sister is in the 2-horn group that I’m keeping.It was a tough decision. I think that my thought process on this might be a good topic for my Farm Club News–maybe that will be the next one.

The rest of my lambs are on my website:


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