Mother-of-the-groom dress

My son is getting married May 2. I can’t wear my jeans and t-shirt. I hate to shop, but I do own a dress that I like and I think won’t make me feel too dumpy. But it is white…was white. For months my Wednesday afternoon weaving group (WeeklyWeavingWorkshop) has been helping with the planning of this project. Last night I finally dyed the dress. The dye job turned out well, but it wasn’t the color that was in the little box in the catalog. It was supposed to be sort of tan with a gold tone. This is more to the peachy side. dress-1


I had planned to weave a v-shawl to go with this dress and had some of the yarns picked out. This color shift (you can’t really tell the true color in this photo–at least not on my computer) necessitated a change of plan.  The WWW group had planned a field trip to a huge yarn shop in Sacramento, so I took the sash of the dress and some cones of yarn from my stash. Here is the combination of my yarns and the ones I bought:


You can’t tell but the balls in the upper left have green and a silver sparkle in them. We picked the other colors based on those. (By the way, the brides’ attendants will be wearing celudon green.)

I guess I’d better start weaving. This will be my first weaving project since I broke my arm in January. I am just assuming that I can work my way through this.  Hopefully I’ll be posting a photo in a week or so.


2 thoughts on “Mother-of-the-groom dress

  1. Very clever! And how great that the WWW group has been helping you to plot. I’ll bet the shawl will be stunning, and you will look beautiful.

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