Loose ends

I’m trying to finish up all kinds of things that have been put off or just didn’t get started. Part of this is in anticipation of Meet the Sheep, our Open House that is this weekend. So there is clean up to do, class prep, etc. Also, I think I can start getting back to weaving soon and I’d better get caught up on some other stuff too. So here’s some of what I did yesterday:

1. I spent a lot of time on Jacob Sheep registrations. I am behind there because of my one-handed typing. I just started typing 2-handed again–I consider it therapy because the left hand doesn’t really bend the way I need it to.

2. Dealt with the ram that was butchered last week. Good thing it isn’t summer or I couldn’t have waited this long.


3. Lolita finally lambed. Two weeks ago I treated her for hypocalcemia and other metabolic problems. She recovered and I’ve been waiting for these lambs–2 girls and a boy.


By the way this ewe lambed at State Fair last year (August). That’s 6 lambs in a year. No wonder she had some problems. She seems fine now. I’m keeping plenty of food in front of her.

4. Taking photos of new lambs and here is who is in the way.


5. Speaking of goats we are feeding 9 kids. It seems never ending although its better now that they’re on 3 x’s/day instead of 4. I do a lot of the kid feeding but Chris has been milking. He’ll be gone this weekend though and I told him that he has to get the milking machine cleaned up.


6. I picked up butchered lambs and had no room left in the freezers. I had to take a turkey out to make room for the lamb, so I cooked a turkey last night. Can’t cook a turkey without the stuffing and mashed potatoes! At least we’ll have leftovers for quite awhile.


3 thoughts on “Loose ends

    • In the summer when its hot I put the skull in a garbage can full of water and let it soak a week. It has worked great. It’s not that hot yet so I boiled it for several hours over the coarse of 2 days. I still can’t loosen the top horns–maybe its because I can get them all the way into the water. The skull is sitting on the barn roof now–I’ll see if time will help.

  1. I just got a jacob ewe on Sunday. She isn’t registered, but I’m going to try to register her and breed her this fall. They sure do have beautiful lambs! I’m looking forward to learning to spin. It looks like you have a great place!

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