17 lambs !

Yes, 17! That’s since Tuesday.  Started with Dot’s triplets and a single. Yesterday there were 2 sets of twins. Today there have been 3 sets of twins and triplets. Everything was going smoothly until the triplets came along. All lambs born with no problem and nursing OK. Paula and Jan were both starting to lamb so I put them in pens and hung around–beautiful warm afternoon–pleasant in the barn. Paula had the tiniest lamb I’ve ever seen, so I got out the scale. This little ewe is only 2.5 lbs!


I weighed the 4 lambs born earlier today–6.7-10.2–they look like my normal lambs. So I waited around for quite awhile to see how many lambs there would be. I finally decided it had been too long and I pulled 2 ram lambs–8.4 and 8.9 lbs! These aren’t great photos but you can see the size of the lambs.


The boys were up and trying to nurse while the little one was still barely standing. She tries to nurse but I haven’t see her stay on the teat  so I’ve given her a few ounces in a bottle. Will go back out with more later.

One of the first triplets born-- climbing on mom

One of the first triplets born-- climbing on mom


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