This Would Have Been a More Interesting Way To Break My Arm

It was my youngest son’s 18th birthday a couple of weeks ago. We all went for a mountain bike ride near where my older son lives. I ride my mountain bike all the time around here. We live in the flat land. Now I know where the ‘mountain’ comes from in mountain bike. The photos don’t show the parts of the trail with giant roots and rocks sticking out or the 4″ wide track with a steep drop-off on one side. Or the parts of the trail where you are in the lowest gear and pedaling what seems like 1000 rpm only to travel at a snail’s pace and eventallu have to stop or fall over. The photos show the snow and ice. Now most of the trail wasn’t snowy, but it was a unique element to add to the experience. We talked to people who said that normally they would have been skiing here this time of year. Kind of a scary situation from the standpoint of California’s water needs.






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