St. Fleecia Day Celebration

I belong to the Spindles & Flyers in Berkeley. I don’t get there very often because it means LEAVING HOME and going to THE CITY. But I did make it to the annual holiday celebration on Sunday. This is the day that the group honors the great Saint Fleecia, a spinning saint (sprung from the creative mind of a past president of the group) who brings fresh fleece to diligent spinners, but leaves sheep droppings in the shoes of negligent spinners. As is the tradition at the St. Fleecia Day celebration, the legend of St. Fleecia is read, eggnog is consumed (except by designated drivers), and wonderful food is shared. There is also a challenge. This year it was to make a fiber avatar using the fiber it represents.


These are some of the entries. In the back is a handspun, knitted llama. There is a pair of felted bunnies and a knitted bunny, all of Angora. The pair of bunnies was 3rd place.

This opossum is felted from wool and opossum. (This is fiber from the Australian version, which is different from that found in the U.S.)  I love the babies hanging from the tail. This was 2nd place.

First place was inspired by the recent program by Linda Cortwright of Wild Fibers. This is a yak diorama with an actual (well, sort of) yak in the foreground.

Can you understand why I like the people in this group?


3 thoughts on “St. Fleecia Day Celebration

  1. Good golly, they really went to town! I’m so glad you had a good time – we’ll definitely need to carpool next time! I’ve almost recovered from my Artery double dose!

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