Rams and lambs

I had my camera with me this morning in the barn. I meant to take pictures of the fog. You know those postcards that are black and say “Hawaii at night”? So I can have something that is gray–“Sheep in the fog”, “Sheep herding in the fog”. This time of year fog is common in the Central Valley. Thick fog. Wet fog. Cold fog. People that live in the foothills look down on the top of the fog in the valley. There are days when the high and low temperatures only very by 2 or 3 degrees because of the fog. Fortunately we are at the edge of the valley and somedays don’t have fog at all when there is a thick blanket of it less than 1/2 mile away.
These photos are some I took–but not of the fog. This is Meridian Moonshine. He is one of two ram lambs that I kept from this spring’s lambs.
Moonshine, ram lamb

Moonshine, ram lamb

Here is Meridian Ranger, who will be 2 in February. He still has a great personality and has never shown any aggression (although I still don’t turn my back).


 Chicory Lane Houdini, below, is another story. He has nice fleece, horns, etc, but his personality leaves something to be desired. He can’t be trusted at all. 



 All three of these rams will have lambs here in March. That seems a long way off. Usually I am getting ready for lambs in late January.


One thought on “Rams and lambs

  1. I like your idea for sheep in the fog, or sheepherding in the fog. 🙂 Handsome boys, can’t wait to see lamb pics!

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