More about the pasture

This photo is of the same field that is in the last post, but it’s taken in the other direction. See that tower on top of the barn? That’s where I was when I took the other photo. This 5-acre pasture is divided into 8 vertical strips with high-tensile electric wire. I subdivide those strips with electric net fence and it’s that fence that I move when I put the sheep on fresh feed every day or two. In the photo below the sheep see me on the other side of the fence and they are waiting for me to let them in. In the photo you can’t really see the green grass and clover because the dry grass is taller, but it’s there.


This is a not-so-flattering photo of Ranger waiting with the ewes.


As I open up the net fence the sheep go rushing through.


I spend time just watching sheep eat! I like to see what they go for first.



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