A Gorgeous Day

It rained last night–not a lot, but enough to get rid of the dust and make everything smell fresh. This is the first rain since sometime in March! We were due. The best thing about the rain was that my hay was all in the barn BEFORE it started, thanks my husband and son. I had 440 bales waiting to go in the barn. This is just half of it.



I started did my share of stacking hay, but eventually Dan and Chris got involved and at that point I got to use gravity and throw the hay off the stack while Dan dragged it inside and Chris (age 17) stacked it. We filled 3 horse stalls and part of the aisle of the horse barn. These are HEAVY bales–a lot of them are over 125 pounds and up to 150 pounds.
So the hay was in, the sky was fresh and blue this morning, and the weather was perfect. I spent the day with a ewe and lambs at the local feed store where they were having a Grand Opening for their new store. Nice weather, good food (that’s always important), and I sold a few handwoven pieces.
It’s finally breeding season. I put the rams in with the ewes on Tuesday and 16 sheep are marked already. Here are some of Houdini’s girls. I sure hope that we get some rain before my November shearing date because these ewes are really green. Ranger’s ewes aren’t marked nearly as much–different brand of marker I think.
marked ewes
marked ewes

Well. I had a lot more photos to post but my computer is running way too slowly. It took me 10 minutes to get this one photo into the blog. I’ve been shelling walnuts while I’m waiting in between clicks. So I’ll sign off for now.


2 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day

  1. Houdini is handsome, but he has become very aggressive. He has no qualms about bashing a fence when someone (person) is on the other side. So he may be one of those rams that is worth more dead than alive. We’ll see how I feel about it after breeding and shearing.

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