State Fair results

         The middle week of the State Fair is Dairy week. If Chris goes to work for the Forest Service next summer like he plans then this was his last State Fair. He showed his 6 goats and Trista came through again. She was not only selected Champion Toggenburg, she also won Supreme Champion Dairy Goat. That’s over all the goats shown in the Junior show. Way to go, Trista and Chris! You can’t see the belt buckle in this photo but it has a bear in the middle with CA poppies all around it. It’s gorgeous.

Trista-Supreme Champion

Trista-Supreme Champion

             The sheep show was over Labor Day weekend. Every since last year I’ve been trying to plan a display that would win the $750 Marketing Award. I spent an inordinant amount of time in the last two weeks before the show thinking about this display. I knew I needed to upgrade my posters and I learned how to use more of the features of PowerPoint to do that. I even found myself taking close-up photos of cement, sand, fence boards, etc after i learned how to make my own background for the posters.

 Mel Y Marilyn demonstrating Navajo weaving

Here are two photos of my display. On the right, friends Mel and Marilyn demonstrate Navajo weaving. They demonstrated on Sunday and drew huge crowds. Several friends helped me staff my display throughout the fair. I had so many items on display (yarn, lambskins, etc) that I didn’t dare leave the area unattended. I wove much of the time I was there-got 3 wool V-shawls woven. The work and the time paid off. I didn’t win 1st place Marketing Award–I got 3rd. But I won an award for Best Program Directed at the Public. I also won the Herdsman award for flocks of 9 head or less and the most prestigious award is 3rd place for Best Educational Exhibit over all 3 weeks of the fair and all livestock species!

What about the sheep show? After all, that’s why we’re there. Last year I got the fair to offer a division for “Heritage” breeds. That was a huge show and it was split this year. The wool sheep had their own division, but the “Heritage and American” breeds show still includes sheep that are awfully hard to judge in the same show. I was the only Jacob exhibitor and competed against Tunis (a large-frame meat sheep), St. Croix (a hair sheep), a few Scottish Blackface, and Shetlands. In most of the classes you can enter 2 sheep, so I got 3rds, behind the Tunis. There was only 1 yearling ram representing each breed though. So my ram, Ranger, got 2nd behind the Tunis and he was able to enter the Champion drive. The yearling Tunis was Champion, but Ranger was awarded Reserve Champion.

Ranger in the yearling ram class

Ranger in the yearling ram class

Tunis and Jacob entries for Flock

Tunis and Jacob entries for the Flock class.

How about some other fair photos? I always like to see the Watusi and Longhorn cattle that are there at the same time as the sheep.
An amazing longhorn

An amazing longhorn


3 thoughts on “State Fair results

  1. >I was the only Jacob exhibitor and competed against Tunis (a large-frame meat sheep)
    I am sorry to see this. I raise tunis sheep. I would really be interested to hear how much that yearling ram weighed, as tunis rams are not supposed to get over 225lbs. Tunis are supposed to be a medium framed sheep. The registry is factioned right now, between the people who want to keep the tunis as the medium framed haritage sheep it started out to be, and the show breeders who are in it for a buck and raise these monstrosities we are seeing now. It gets ugly at times. Those of us on the traditional side feel that the others are just raising red faced suffolks. For my part I am fighting to get them judged as a breed against the standard, rather than a piece of meat, but it is difficult and may never happen.
    Looks like it was a great fair though and you have a very nice Jacob ram!

  2. I was just playing around on the computer and typed tunis sheep blog and you popped up! I was even more surprised to see pics of my sheep on your blog… lol I just wanted to commend you on such a great display at the fair. The weaving was fascinating and beautiful… I also want to say great job with your beautiful ram! People asked me how did you get beat by a Jacob? I say, because he was awesome… that’s why. Anyway, thanks for your support of the heritage show and hope to see your beautiful display next year.

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