It’s Hay Envy

When I take my dogs for a run (they run, I walk or ride my bike) we use the dirt roads that border the irrigation canals and farm fields. The big fields across the road from our house has been in alfalfa for several years, but last winter the field was planted to rye grass. These fields were harvested last week.

rye grass
This photo shows a bit of the grass left on the edge of the harvested field.

hay stack
Here is some of the hay that was harvested. I have figured out that at 80 bales/stack and 80 stacks that’s 6400 bales! I don’t know what rye hay is going for right now, but I’ll bet it’s at least $10/bale (probably more like $15 retail). You can do the math.  Boy, am I envious! I bought 6 stacks of hay (alfalfa, not rye) last summer and that took me through the winter. Now I’m almost out. I’m worried about hay this year because the price is going to be so much higher. The cost of transportation will add up too. If only I could get my hands on some of this hay that’s right across the road! (Why don’t I, you ask? I tried last year when they grew alfalfa and I guess it’s not worth their time to deal with someone who only wants a little bit. Last year most of it already sold–either to dairies or to a company who compresses the alfalfa for shipping overseas!

When I don’t take my bike on a dog run, I usually take my camera. Bonnie knows that there is something in these holes. She just can’t get to it.

bonnie sniffing hole

Notice in the next photo that Bonnie is actually grabbing the edge of the hole in her mouth. She bites off chunks of dirt to make the hole bigger.  Rusty watches, but doesn’t seem to care so much.



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