Fair time is fun time!

That’s a line that we tell each other as we drive home each night exhausted from dealing with the FAIR. But this year I have it easy. Chris is driving. He is responsible. For the first time I don’t have sheep or an exhibit at the fair. So, although I have to pay to get in for the first time, I also can spend most of my day getting things done at home. This was show day for pigs and Chris got 2nd with this one. They pigs will be sold at the Jr. Livestock Auction on Saturday.

 Chris showing pig

While I was waiting for the next pig to be shown I checked out the Home Leisure Show. This is my Jacob blanket that I have saved to show at State Fair.

 Best of show

And here is one of my favorite things to watch at the fair. I never tire of seeing these Clydesdales. Clydesdales


One thought on “Fair time is fun time!

  1. Congratulations, Robin! What a beautiful blanket, and best of division AND show -woo hoo! I love the Clydesdales too – so big, yet so gentle and sweet.

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