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Do you know how many blogs I have written in my head? How many photos I have taken thinking of including them in my blog? Lots. But I haven’t quite made it to the computer with them. A few weeks ago I took my camera when I took my dogs on their run (they run and I ride my mountain bike). This is the view across the hay field. 

On a warm spring day you can smell the locust trees that grow along the irrigation canals. What a great reminder that spring is here!

We have these trees growing around our house and my shop as well. The fragrance is wonderful. Last week we had several warm days and the savored the combined fragrance of the honeysuckle, locust, and orange trees. The locust flowers are drying out now and when the wind blows it looks as though it is snowing. See all the blossoms on the porch outside my shop. We have drifts of blossoms.


The blossoms made dyeing yesterday a little more difficult. My pots of fiber as well as the jars of dye kept filling with dried flowers. I spent yesterday dyeing to get ready for my booth at CNCH (Conference of N. CA Handweavers) that is next weekend. 



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