Is it spring yet?

2008-02-21dsc_0345.jpg   2008-02-21dsc_0339.jpg

It seemed like spring for awhile. The acacia is blooming and and the sweet scent wafts through the air when it’s warm. Acacias bloom in February here so their beautiful flowers don’t last–another storm is certain to come through. I love daffodils. A friend of mine says that she doesn’t like them and won’t plant them. “They’re just too perky!” Hey, anything that comes up year after year all by itself and has beautiful flowers is OK by me.

lambs-running-5.jpg   It’s been quite a month. I have 60 lambs now and about a dozen more ewes still to lamb. I spend a lot of time in the barn–watching pregnant ewes, cleaning, filling buckets, etc. Tonight after the barn was clean with fresh straw I sat down and watched lambs.

  Lamb jumping     lamb jumping 2

I finally caught a couple of their antics with my camera.


3 thoughts on “Is it spring yet?

  1. How did you get the lambs to race like that? Was Rusty involved? They should love the sun and warmth expected this week. The pastures should be green from the rains.

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