Daphne’s lambs

Lambing is under way. These twin ewes were born today. Daphne is the mom. That’s the third set of twins. 40 more ewes to lamb.

Rusty watching lambs from above 
This photo is probably pretty hard to see unless you click to enlarge it. That’s Daphne and her lambs below, but look above. The dogs know that if they can’t come into the sheep pen with me they can watch from above. Photo below shows Bonnie looking from the stairway.  This morning she was so excited she either jumped or fell from the stairs down into the sheep pen.



One thought on “Lambs

  1. Oh, Bonnie (sigh)! That’s a great picture of her hovering over the sheep pen. What pretty lambs! Get some sleep now, because you’ll be needing it soon!

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